Dev Edition

Birdwatch Flight School: Dev Edition

The Charles NYC opened Birdwatch Flight School to up-and-coming developers looking to get their piece of the industry. Front-end, back-end, and full stack developers went head-to-head in this one day only dev workshop, hosted by The Charles NYC development team.

Compiling the Best and Brightest

Since its founding in 2011, The Charles has valued building a company culture filled with the best and brightest talent.

Our program Birdwatch has since expanded into an opportunity for new talent to demonstrate their knowledge and skills while receiving guidance and input from the experienced team members at The Charles.

Through a day full of working sessions (and pizza) attendees chose from three different briefs that best suited their skillsets: either front-end, back-end or full-stack.

Moving Forward

Birdwatch Flight School’s second event brought just as much excitement as its first. Haven’t been able to attend yet? Never fear, we’ll have many more events to come in the near future.

Just can’t wait?
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